Welcome to the ISIS Partnership - Liability Claims Experts London, Insurance Claims Training, Handlers in Liability Claims

We are able to provide an extensive range of services from claims administration, auditing and systems reviews through to insurance claims training, compliance and corporate governance taking in issues such as writing procedure manuals on the way.

Let us fit the pieces together - Liability Claims Experts London, Insurance Claims Training, Handlers in Liability Claims, Liability Claim Adjusters - ISIS PartnershipWhen Steve Ford & Matthew Brooker joined forces to create ISIS they did so in recognition of a need within the insurance industry for a comprehensive outsourcing and overspill service which is flexible enough to offer short, medium and long term solutions to insurance related problems & issues.

The majority of the ISIS service will be provided by our own team but we have, in addition, built up a network of partner companies who can provide specialist services such as non technical training, marketing/design and business continuity.

All services will, however, be overseen by an ISIS partner so that you can be sure that insurance problems or issues are addressed by insurance experts.

Finally we know that the insurance industry is facing ever greater regulatory pressures, we know that the amount of work needed to meet the demands of business is constantly increasing and we know that the time and resources available are reducing. This is where ISIS can assist by removing those burdens.

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